Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I haven't told you yet how the open door day at the fashion academy was. It was great to see everything there! I saw some great creations too!
Though I am a bit concerned about a few things. The fashion academy is one of the best of the world. This means: very difficult entrance exam. It's also a quite experimental school. So I hope they'll appreciate what I do.
I also talked with the headmaster (google to know which famous designer it is!). But i'm a bit concerned about one thing he said. That he will get the gothic out of me. On the one hand, I understand I shouldn't limit myself to typical gothic and already done shit. You have to be original and unique. And that is also what I want to be! But on the other hand, I'm afraid that a school wants to completely change me again. I just don't want that!
As a doubter, I'm also afraid that I am not creative enough. Sometimes I feel so weird, but sometimes I also feel to normal.
Another thing I'm really concerned about is my lack of dicipline. Not that it is really that bad, but sometimes I'm so lazy! (Though I know a lot of people that are worse then me. I just can't say if I'm too lazy or not). I am also always afraid to start something. I really should get rid of the doubter in me. It always keeps questioning everything I do or want to do, it always wat to get me down.

Anyway, I signed in for the entrance exams, so I give it a try! I hope I succeed and I can start making my dream true.
And it is already great that I dared to sign up! Really, normally I would keep on doubting. But what do i have to loose? Yeah, 20 euros + some more on train tickets.. But if I don't try, won't I regret it forever?
I hope I'm good enough to make it some day.
At the moment, with my jewelry, I don't feel like a much original designer (Thank you self-esteem).

Some furter information: I also had troubles with convincing my parents, especially my mother. But I think she juts want the best and the most safe for me.

Today I worked on some school assignments. Finally I did something.. that's what I mean with my lack of dicipline. I just don't work when I don't have deadline. So maybe it's good there are a lot of deadlines in fashion school.

I also finished yesterday two pair of earrings. there are more fimo earrings laying around here to finish :)

Jewelry bussiness isn't going that well.. Which reflects in that I make less
I just want to make something of my life, do what I want, be proud of myself, and create beautiful things.

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