Monday, September 24, 2012

Cogs and gears

Handcut out of cardboard and spraypainted ;-) then glued a hairclip to the bottom and voila, finished :D

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chain bolero

You remember my last post? About the chain harness/bolero thing I was working on? I finished it! (actually not today, but 2 weeks ago already!)
And honestly, I'm proud of it and I love it!

Maybe I'll make one more in the future to sell, though I first need to be sure that they fit all/most sizes

I did a little shoot with it. I photographed it myself (yes, with a tripod and the self-timer function). I  am also the "model" ;-)


And a less nice, but more clear picture ;-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chain harness

half past 12 at midnight. I'm getting tired. I worked this evening on something I wanted to make already for some time: a chain harness. Honestly, I don't use only chains, but also beads.. It's a heavy piece: lots of material, lots of work, and hopefully lots of joy when I can wear it. Here a wip for the curious ones. Sorry for the pull I'm wearing, it absolutely doesn't suit with this piece. When it's finished, I'll take decent picture with a black shirt. The back will be chains only, since I have just ONE goddamned bead too short (a dark big red one. :( And for the rest, I'll add more chains to the bottom, and maybe a center piece.. Still a lot of work to do, but it will be for tomorrow Goodnight!

Edit: I made another picture, a bit better, but still not the best

Finished necklaces!

You know the necklace I talked in my previous blog, the one with bronze and amethyst... Well I changed my mind. I'm going to do that one in silver and amethyst, but that will be for later, when I can order the flowers in silver. Meanwhile I made and finished some other things, actually, I did quite a lot: Ah, that's it for now... some items where commissions, others are already reserved or sold. ;-) Next blog: a new piece I'm working on, for myself! and it's going to be big!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I started laying out some beads etc for a new necklace. Flowers and light amethyst AB beads. Though I'm not sure if this idea is good or not. What do you think? Any tips or advice? I find this a verry difficult color. I started this week a more fairytalelike necklace, though I didn't had enough material to finish it. So I have to wait until next week when my new order arrives! And this is a pendant I made, though it's not sturdy enough to sell (the wings are only glued with super glue, whic is not strong enough. I'm looking for another glue)

Bead collection

Jep, this is my collection beads!

And I'm ordering even more beads! Because I have even more empty boxes to fill.

Finished necklaces

Newest one!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Ice princes necklace WIP

I'm planning and working on a new necklace. This time one with blue and silver. Actually something more for winter with these icy colors. I hope I will still have enough material to finish this one. I should also order more silver colored closures. And as usual a lot of other interesting beads and charms! And chains, I need more different chains! And and and.. Oh wait, that bill will be very long again! So here is the design of the necklace I'm working on!

A black one, and an amber one

I made this week two new necklaces! They are both very short necklaces with a lot of beads. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Circus necklace

Yes, the necklace is finished! For the rest of the day, I'm going to start on a commission: a handpainted hairclip with a purple rose. Updates will come! I'm also going to start this or next week on the choker for the give away on my facebook page.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I also made this month some chokers, which I forgot again to blog about. A very gothic themed choker! With handmade black teardrop beads. A white choker, with a cross and metal chains. Very romantic and innocent A red and black cameo necklace with filigree and roses A gothic black cameo choker. the cameo is gloss vs mat.

Freak circus necklace 2 wip

I'm designing another circus inspired necklace. This time with hearts, and black and turquoise synthetic pearls!

Freak circus doll necklace

Yes, yes, I made a new necklace! I made it special for the meeting Les Jardins Des Poupées. The theme is freak circus, so I designed something with circus and steampunk colors, and handmade fimo doll parts to make it more freaky!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

White lace necklace

Finally I decided what I wanted to do with this piece of lace. I had it laying around for some time. I cut it out an old blouse that was way too baggy on me. I added a lace necklace and different keys! this one is not for sale. If I every find another lace, I'll make a similar item for sale.
That's actually all I have been doing last time. I have a student job, and in june I had my jury at school (which wasn't good, though I passed everything! :D)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

new necklaces, chokers and sets

all of them are for sale (in euro-contries)

new earrings

Recently, I made a lot of new earrings for a little market at my school. Sadly it wasn't a big succes (only sold one pair!). Now I sell them online! the little ones are 5 euro, the big keys are 7. prices exclude shipping costs I only sell in euro-countries, not overseas. (for example I sell to belgium, the netherlands, germany,...)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Advice for hairclips needed

This week, I made two cameo hairclips with bows. Though they are quite simple (more simple then I expected them to be).
What do you think, should I leave them simple as they are, or should I add extra things like chains and beads (or something else?). Or maybe I should make it more victorian/steampunkish?
I'm a bit out of inspiration I think (and lazy! Goddamned lazy this holiday. I really should start studying.).

Ps, the cameos are handmade with fimo and a mold ;-)

New earrings and more

Sad news, my jellyfish earrings broke, and I lost the broken part, which makes one earring shorter then the other :( I loved them so much. probably it stuck beteen my shawl or long hair.
But I made a new pair. I'm not sure if they are for selling, or if I'll keep them for myself. They are smaller and longer, and have less, but thicker tentackles. I'm not sure which one I like the most

Some fimo earrings I made for a costumer!

This one is an old pair of earrings I made for myself for halloween. I really love them ^^

and this is a verry fantasy like pair of earrings I made. They are verry long and quite heavy

and I also made a chokernecklace in the same style. It's not finished yet, because it has to be made upon size for the costumer

and a pair of hairclips ofcourse! I made a pair for myself, and one for selling.

And last but not least. At the end of the school year, our student council will organise a DIY selfmarket (yay for the craftgirl in it that I know ^^). I am now making some stuff so I can sell it there ;-) at least, when they aren't already sold before the marked (But yeah, then I shouldn't put them online now isn't it?)