Friday, July 29, 2011

Clockwork necklace

This week I made a new necklace, but I totally forgot to blog about it.
It's made from an old pocketwatch, with some things glued on (like the rose). I also added a clockhand. The cool thing about is that you can still rotate it by pushing the top button (where I don't know the name about) and rotating it.

I also ordered some new materials. I want to make earrings! I hope they arrive soon.
Most of the earrings will be steampunk and gothic inspired.

And I made a part on my website for my jewelery:

In adittion my website is a bit updated.

Next week I'm going to start drawing again. It has already been a month ago! (with the exception of the painted hairclips)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

If I were a rich girl...

First of all, I'm going to nag a bit about being bored.
Because my parents got home from their holiday, I got to clean up the whole house. My jewelery supplies where laying everywhere. Because my mother is a clean freak, I'm afraid to lay something on the ground to work on (yes, I always work on the floor!) or she will say that I have to clean it up because she can't pass. Blegh!
I'm also a bit in need of new materials, but since I spend already a lot on it, I can't buy anything new yet :(
I'd love to make a real website with my jewelery on, but I think I'm not ready for it yet. I need more things first.

I really hate all the money thing. I wish I could win euromilions. And if I did, i would know immediately what kind of house I want and how to design the interior of it!
I would buy a little mansion, or a little castle, that would be full of antique furniture! I found already my choice on I think I just can't afford it, since a closed will probably 1000-2000euro and more... And I didn't even talk about the mansion yet.

For giving an example of how I want it: Kato's ( house looks great! It has also a bit of a steampunk influence. I especially love the reddish walls and the great curtains, which she made herself.


Another steampunk home which looks very curious to me is this one:
That man has some great ideas, especially for covering the new technologie in a more antique home (the tv and dvdplayer in the stove)

Back to the furnishing of Houtroos, I really want a bedroom like this:

They are both not put together, that's why it doesn't really looks like a bedroom. I went there once for looking for a new bedroom, but they where all too big because I live under the roof :(

And when I can find somewhere a cheap second hand lamp, I would definitely transform it in something like this:


Monday, July 18, 2011

Bronze fimo bones

I have a nice technique that I use for making my fimo sculptures. I love the bronze effect they get. I made some new bones in black fimo. I plan on making more of these. Maybe I should try making them in broken white aswell, so they look more real? I also want to learn to make skulls, but they are really difficult! I think I need to practice a little more.

I also made some other bronzed fimo sculptures for accessoires (which I let too long in the oven: result strange back and a baaaad smell. I hope it isn't toxic.

Emilie Autumn hairclips

I finished the Emilie Autumn hairclips!

The biggest one is 11cm at the widest point, and the smaller one 9.5cm.
I wished I could turn the biggest one into a brooch, that would be lovely. But I don't have a brooch pin :(

I made already a EA painted hairclip for myself before:

Now I'm backing some fimo black bones! So my next blog will be about fimo creations!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey everyone!

I have this account already for a while, but I actually never used it.
First I'm going to say something about myself:
I am Natascha, 18 years old and born in Belgium.
I love drawing and painting, crafting and making clothing, photographing,...
I think I'm going to use this blog to show you the latest things I'm working on.

i'm going to start with this: 2 handpainted Emilie Autumn hairclips; I'm waiting to let them dry, then I'm going to varnish them, add some ruffles and put a clip on it to put in your hair!
They are actualy verry small paintings (5cm or something?)

I'm also working on a clockwork choker. I think I'm going to add some small laces, and probably some cogs I think. Or maybe yellow-orangish seed beads. Or maybe blue?
It's already laying here for two days. I don't dare to begin with it, because I don't know what size to take since it is for selling. I really have to order ribbon clasps, but since I've spend already a lot of money on jewellery supplies, I have to wait until I have gained some money to buy the new supplies.

Yesterday I also made my first mini top hat (and it really is mini!)
I used this tutorial as a guide.

I sell some of my selfmade things on The Black Cat Designs

I have also a facebook page for my drawings: Natascha's Art

And I have also a Deviantart account which I update frequently:

And I have also, last but not least, a website:

I hope I can update this blog from time to time, and to keep it interesting enough for you to take a look at it.