Thursday, February 28, 2013

New necklaces!

Finally some materials arrived so I could finish some necklaces!

amethyst cabochons, purple glass beads and silver metal components

Lace choker with handpainted cameo and lucite flowers. The second picture was when it wasn't yet finished.

Heavy necklace with two row light purple beads and a big cabochon with a crown on it

Renewed version of the steamheart earrings. These are more bronze then the first version!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Work in progress: minipaintings

I made some little paintings for in cameo settings. Some are done in acrylics, others with ink. All 'cameos' are 3x4cm
Sorry for the bad lightening.. it's evening :)

Inspiration blog 2

Ralph Lauren

Dolce & Gabanna

Elegant Curiosities


Gwen Stefani

still dreaming of being an accessory designer

My first headband!

Yesterday I made my first headband! It is a white lolita headband with a cute teapot! It is finished with red chain and a dropbead. The base of the diadem is made of metal, so it won't break! (I've never been found of plastic headbands. The break so fast).

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painting, making, waiting..

Yay, we reached the 1000 pageviews ^^

Finally my hairpieces order arrived, so I can make hairclips and diademes! I am working on a Lolita/EmilieAutumn themed one right now.

Secondly, I finished a necklace yesterday! Something I'm very proud of. It's a necklace with a handpainted little painting in it! Very precise work it is! I also choose for a bit more extraordinary color combination. It doesn't always have to fit in the standards (and with that I mean the gothic standards)

And last but not least, I also started a new choker. Sadly enough I can't finish it right now because my chains are used up.. I hate waiting!

Enjoy the new things I made, and expect some new hair things this week!
Natascha, The Black Cat Designs

Friday, February 22, 2013

What a mess!

Materials everywhere, halffinished things everywhere, ideas lay out everywhere! It looks like a bomb exploded! And no, it's not my cat's fault, it's mine!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspiration blog

I have tons of photos on my laptop (and now even temporally on dad's laptop) for inspiration, going from jewelry and clothing to paintings to interiors and abandoned buildings. I'm going to show you a few jewelry pieces I love that give me tons of inspiration to become ever a great jewelry designer (dream on Natascha, it will never be true).
Every link is clickable, so you can go to the original page where I found it.

All these beautiful pieces want me to set my goals higher. I want to be as good as them.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black & white hairclip

I made the whole day fimo roses. This hairclip is an example for what they will be used. I painted the roses white, but I'll make maybe some gold ones too ^^


the hairclip can also be made into a pendant or brooch on request!

PS, we have almost 1000 pageviews on this blog!

The Black Cat Designs

Shoulder pieces

Remember my chain bolero/harness? I'm thinking of making more of these to sell aswell! Not the same, but other designs and with more chains, probably in silver or gold toned chains. I'm thinking about making shoulderpieces/├ępaulettes too. I have some ideas in my mind, both with and without fabric. And finally my sewing machine works again so I can try out new things.
Prices will be around 40-50 euro I think, I'm not sure yet. Some may be less, some may be more

Some inspirational pictures from the net

Enjoy, and wait paitently ;-)

The Black Cat Designs

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I am experimenting with fimo and gold patina. I'm also trying out new styles, since I want to be more original! The earrings are as good as finished. The cabochons are for stud earrings. The white bead won't be used since it's only an experiment, but I'm going to make more items in these colors! I love baroque and rococo! And the big cabochon with roses and fabric will probably be a brooch or a hairclip (with an alligatorclip, since these are the best), unless someone wants to make me a necklace of it.
Everything will soon be for sale at my Facebook page and at my Storenvy store and at my Dawanda store

Something else I want to say, and something more personal, is that I really want to do this for my job. But I know it is hard to live from it, let's say even impossible! That's why I am experimenting now, to create a more unique style, to be different from the rest. Nobody wants to buy something handmade that everyone else makes too, right?
Another problem with making this my job is the prices that will have to raise due taxes and such things. I don't want this to do, because I know people don't want to spend much on jewelry that isn't silver or gold (but I am absolutely thinking about silversmith.. but again: prices will be muuuuuuch higher, and again unafordable for you).
So I'm a bit unsure about what I should do.
Another thing that makes me uncertain is that I see that it is hard to be original. It is hard to stand out. And if you don't stand out, you will never have succes. So I'll think I have to be fine with a boring job and jewelry and drawing as hobby.

Some more happy news: my sketchbook is full of ideas that I want to make! Be prepared for some new work! I also want to make more chain harnasses/shoulderpatches things. But I first have to find out for the sizes to fit for everyone. Prices will probably be between 40-50 euro (50-65 dollar).
PS, if you didn't already see it in my shops, I do sent internationally now!

Kind regards,


The Black Cat Designs

Picture overload! new work

Hello my friends, I have some new work to show! I know I should update my blog more frequently. But here are all the new things I made!