Friday, August 24, 2012


I started laying out some beads etc for a new necklace. Flowers and light amethyst AB beads. Though I'm not sure if this idea is good or not. What do you think? Any tips or advice? I find this a verry difficult color. I started this week a more fairytalelike necklace, though I didn't had enough material to finish it. So I have to wait until next week when my new order arrives! And this is a pendant I made, though it's not sturdy enough to sell (the wings are only glued with super glue, whic is not strong enough. I'm looking for another glue)

Bead collection

Jep, this is my collection beads!

And I'm ordering even more beads! Because I have even more empty boxes to fill.

Finished necklaces

Newest one!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Ice princes necklace WIP

I'm planning and working on a new necklace. This time one with blue and silver. Actually something more for winter with these icy colors. I hope I will still have enough material to finish this one. I should also order more silver colored closures. And as usual a lot of other interesting beads and charms! And chains, I need more different chains! And and and.. Oh wait, that bill will be very long again! So here is the design of the necklace I'm working on!

A black one, and an amber one

I made this week two new necklaces! They are both very short necklaces with a lot of beads. Enjoy!