Monday, February 27, 2012

It's all white today

I have two new things to show!
The first one is a dress I made last year for school, and I wore it now at a Carnival party
It's completely made out of plastic. A hoop skirt, a corset, a collar and armpieces.
The assignment was about body and forms. So I extended forms of body, changed them, like they used to do in the past to create a perfect figure. The only difference is that you can still see the real figure trough the plastic.
For school, I wore a black outfit underneath. In this picture, it's white.

And I also made a commission for a girl. It's inspired by a lolita necklace, but in different colors.
I like it, however it wasn't really a creative proces.

Edit: I changed the bow to a larger bow. i'll take a picture of it later

And I also had to make lolita cuffs :)

I am now mainly going to focus on my art, my drawings, my school, and myself.
If you want to follow my drawing proces, please visit
I think my art says more about me, then my jewelery does.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I have been very busy lately. First I had my exams, then I had jury, and now finally it's all done, I started with my jewellery again.
Now I watched some other blogs of students at my school, I realise that my blog is really a mess. I'm not going to post any drawings anymore, since it's a lot of work (because I make new drawings every day..) This blog is only for jewellery from now on.

I'm going to start with some pictures of my little collection fimo things I made lately

The choker from above in a further stadium. not yet finished though. I'm not sure about the bronze rose

And I also made a choker with the glow in the dark cameo.

And I also finished a hairclip I once started. I already painted the image, but now I added the lace and the clip to put it in my hair. It's singer of Lacrimosa on the painting

That's it for now I guess.
Next week back to school (we only got 2 days free)
I'm also thinking again about changing to illustration, though I'm not sure if it is still possible. Not that my jury wasn't good or something. I'm just unsure about the thing that is maybe too much arty for me.

Oh well
I'm going to look on the net for a bit more jewelery inspiration, or maybe I'm going to draw, and then i'm going to sleep!