So who am I, and what do I do?
I am Natascha Mattens, a young (20 years old) Belgian girl who loves to create! I study drawing and printing at Luca school of Arts Ghent. Besides drawing, I also make jewelry. And that is where I created this blog for, to show off my jewelry.
My dream is to be a fashion/jewelry/accessories designer. So this page makes my firs steps. I have roots in the gothic style, but am also interested in other styles like steampunk, victorian, baroque, rococo, lolita, visual kei, mori girl, and plenty of other styles. I dream of making unique creations, so I'm on my way of experimenting.

I have also a shop and a facebookpage.

If you want to blog or make a review about my jewelry, go ahead! But please send me a link to the page ;-)

And any question can be asked at my blog in a comment!
Enjoy your watching!
Natascha, The Black Cat Designs

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