Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Collars and chokers

I made again some new things

But I'm a bit under stress..
soon school starts. I don't know what theme to use for the first semester. I thought about abandoned buildings, but I'm always afraid to visit them. And my boyfriend doesn't likes them. I don't like going alone. I also haven't drawn much in the holidays (I don't know why). I'm a bit afraid of the whole school stress thing again : Being afraid to fail. As always
But Also next week it's an exhibition in Vlekkem, and it's on my birthday, september the 17th. I guess it's going to be a quite boring birthday, since an exhibition is sitting the whole day on your chair (no two days!). I'm doubting if i'm going to take my jewelery aswell, but the people there aren't interested in goth. And chokers are really nothing for there + they are made to your measurement.
Maybe I could make painted brooches in place! But what to paint on it? It may not be too gothic for the normal people (read no singers from the goth scene)
I also haven't any new paintings. Only one and I'm not sure if I really like it.

I really feel shitty again. And I hate it. I want to be proud of myself, and not point out always those mistakes! I can never do something good enough for myself.

For the new chokers and collars. The first I made is a tulle collar. At some places, it's not the best stitched (the fabric was really annoying). I have again the feeling that it is not good enough. What do you think? I like the idea though. It's better then my previous one, which will be posted bellow.

Ps, sorry for the baaaaad picture
Edit: here is a better and newer one:

I also did some line art make-up today! Should do this more!

And this was the first try. kept this one for myself as it isn't that interesting.

I also made a steampunk choker

I'm also working on a commission for a girl who wanted an EA inspired choker + earrings! I really enjoy making this. I'll make a post about this later, when it's finished.

I am also working on a painting! Next week (17-18th sept) I have an exhibtion in Vlekkem!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I made two rings today! I have only ordered 4 ring bases, so I won't make more for this time. Two bronze ones, the ones I already finished, and two black ones to make something from fimo on it

I still have to make some new chokers

I also won a piece of jewelery from Jessica Jolly. She is doing a new contest aswell for this month! Join aswell and maybe you win something aswell. More information on her Deviantart.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some new jewellery

As you see, I really suck at titles. They are boring, but well, you know about what the new blog will be ;-)

After some time now knowing what to make, and feeling shitty because nothing seemed to work, I started making some things again. I also got new supplies. And new supplies means (a bit) more inspiration. I mainly made some earrings. but there are some other things to come aswell. I really should make chokers again, since these are the most interesting (in my opinion). The earrings are more simple.

A simple pair of angel earrings.

Tea time earrings! I think i like this. the fimo bead is handmade btw.

Handmade steampunk hearts earrings! They are made from fimo, like my other steampunk hearts, but they are smaller. I made pair of them for myself aswell. You can see me wearring them in the next photo

I also made two of these heart pendants for a friend aswell. They seem to be popular.

I am also going to make the above earrings in black-silver aswell

And i almost forgot my unicornhorn earrrings! They are in broken white with a bit of glitter (fimo effects)

I also made some chokers last weeks: