Saturday, April 7, 2012

Advice for hairclips needed

This week, I made two cameo hairclips with bows. Though they are quite simple (more simple then I expected them to be).
What do you think, should I leave them simple as they are, or should I add extra things like chains and beads (or something else?). Or maybe I should make it more victorian/steampunkish?
I'm a bit out of inspiration I think (and lazy! Goddamned lazy this holiday. I really should start studying.).

Ps, the cameos are handmade with fimo and a mold ;-)

New earrings and more

Sad news, my jellyfish earrings broke, and I lost the broken part, which makes one earring shorter then the other :( I loved them so much. probably it stuck beteen my shawl or long hair.
But I made a new pair. I'm not sure if they are for selling, or if I'll keep them for myself. They are smaller and longer, and have less, but thicker tentackles. I'm not sure which one I like the most

Some fimo earrings I made for a costumer!

This one is an old pair of earrings I made for myself for halloween. I really love them ^^

and this is a verry fantasy like pair of earrings I made. They are verry long and quite heavy

and I also made a chokernecklace in the same style. It's not finished yet, because it has to be made upon size for the costumer

and a pair of hairclips ofcourse! I made a pair for myself, and one for selling.

And last but not least. At the end of the school year, our student council will organise a DIY selfmarket (yay for the craftgirl in it that I know ^^). I am now making some stuff so I can sell it there ;-) at least, when they aren't already sold before the marked (But yeah, then I shouldn't put them online now isn't it?)