Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color fimo!

Yes, I bought some colored fimo! I bought blue, purple and red. so I had to try out some new things with them.

I made jellyfish earrings, skulls and psychedelic mushrooms ^^

I really LOVE these earrigs! though they are quite fragile

mushrooms ^^ something to try out.

and purple skulls! Finally something for on my purple outfits!
and again, I couldn't wait until the fimo was hard enough, and I broke the bones :( you still see the glue a bit, though it's repaired.

See you soon again, with some new jewelery!

Art blog

Since I study arts at school, I have to draw a lot, more then I make jewelery.
Now I made a blog for my drawings aswell
Go take a look, and if you like to see my work in the future, follow!

Next blog will be about some new jewelery!