Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tea time necklace and earrings

So I promised a picture the set I made last time, when I'm wearing it.
So here is a picture
Oh yes, I also made a second pair of earrings ^^

I really have to study now, but I feel like gaming and making jewellery.. damnit! and I really should go back drawing aswell (but for school then)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New work

I always forget to update this blog! How could I?

Where will I start with?
I'm lately having it really busy with school, my new boyfriend, my website...
Tomorrow and the day after, I have exams. so I really should study right now!
I also have been drawing a lot lately at school. I am also working on my website, where I'm uploading my new art, and deleting all the unnecessary old things.

Now I have exams, I'm also verry inspired to make jewellery. I made myself a new necklace + 2 pairs of earringns. here is already a picture of the necklace with one pair of the earrings:

I will take later a better picture with everything when I'm wearing it, but I'm lazy right now.

I also have been sick yesterday, so I couldn't study. now I'm going a bit better. hopefully I can do my exams, and study a bit of it. And everything just seems to be much more interesting then studying.