Monday, September 24, 2012

Cogs and gears

Handcut out of cardboard and spraypainted ;-) then glued a hairclip to the bottom and voila, finished :D

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chain bolero

You remember my last post? About the chain harness/bolero thing I was working on? I finished it! (actually not today, but 2 weeks ago already!)
And honestly, I'm proud of it and I love it!

Maybe I'll make one more in the future to sell, though I first need to be sure that they fit all/most sizes

I did a little shoot with it. I photographed it myself (yes, with a tripod and the self-timer function). I  am also the "model" ;-)


And a less nice, but more clear picture ;-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chain harness

half past 12 at midnight. I'm getting tired. I worked this evening on something I wanted to make already for some time: a chain harness. Honestly, I don't use only chains, but also beads.. It's a heavy piece: lots of material, lots of work, and hopefully lots of joy when I can wear it. Here a wip for the curious ones. Sorry for the pull I'm wearing, it absolutely doesn't suit with this piece. When it's finished, I'll take decent picture with a black shirt. The back will be chains only, since I have just ONE goddamned bead too short (a dark big red one. :( And for the rest, I'll add more chains to the bottom, and maybe a center piece.. Still a lot of work to do, but it will be for tomorrow Goodnight!

Edit: I made another picture, a bit better, but still not the best

Finished necklaces!

You know the necklace I talked in my previous blog, the one with bronze and amethyst... Well I changed my mind. I'm going to do that one in silver and amethyst, but that will be for later, when I can order the flowers in silver. Meanwhile I made and finished some other things, actually, I did quite a lot: Ah, that's it for now... some items where commissions, others are already reserved or sold. ;-) Next blog: a new piece I'm working on, for myself! and it's going to be big!