Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Peacocks and other winged things

I love the colors of a peacock! So I started making jewelry with these colors! I also made some other jewelry with wings, elves and angels.
copyright by The Black Cat Designs

Royal choker and other jewelry

Sorry for the long time no update! But here I am again! Back with some new jewelry! My favorite from this blog is the one with the painting cabachon. I'll definately make more of these! I ordered already some new cabachons ;-)
copyright by The Black Cat Designs

Going international?

I'm already doubting a while about this.. Now I sell my jewelry only in europe. Most of my clients are belgian, like I am. A few buyers are from the Netherlands. I don't have a credit card (only debit) and I don't have (yet) paypall, which makes it for me difficult to buy and sell outside europe. Though I'm thinking of getting paypall. This makes it (probaly, and I hope so) possible to buy supplies in america. Supplies we don't have in Europe. But this makes hopefull also possible to sell things outside europe. So I wonder.. Are there any people outside Europe interested in my jewelry? And from what country are you? Or shouldn't I take the step? I feel that only belgium is getting too small for me. All my clients are people of my age that I know via via or via gothic selling groups. I can't say here on DA that my jewelry is for sale, to later disappoint people that I do not send to their country. Ps, it does not mean that when you say you would be interested, that you are obligated to buy. You are always free. I just want a honest opinion. In the next journal, I'll show some new handmade stuff, since it has been a long time I updated this blog! I am bad at updating blogs. I can only seem to keep my facebookpages up to date. So you can always take a look at my facebook page The Black Cat Designs.