Saturday, August 31, 2013

Updates and absence


I am really sorry for being so abscent. But I think this blog hardly gets any viewer. That's why I hardly update my blog. Though I do update other blogs with my work like for example tumblr and The Black Cat Designs on facebook. I get a lot more response there so it feels less like a waste of time. I think tumblr and facebook also has more possibilities for my work then blogger.

Furter I want to update you about my school. I tried the entrance exam at the fashion school in antwerp, but that was way to high for me I think. I didn't succeed. So I have been doubting a lot about what I wanted to do then this year. I decided I'm going to learn for goldsmid in Syntra Brussels. I hope this will give me more possibilities on creating jewelry. I already have some ideas in mind.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I see you soon on tumblr or facebook!

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